Why it is better not to talk too much with Brazilian women

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Due to the breadth of my Ukrainian soul, I sometimes want to tell secrets, gossip, maybe even tell some nuances of my life. However, you have to keep your mouth shut, since it’s hard, to be frank with a girl from this hot country.


Previously, I considered myself an emotional person. Oh, how wrong I was. Compared to restrained English, the Ukrainians are emotional.

The Brazilians impressed me with their mentality. They tend to express emotions vividly, for them there is nothing unusual in screaming, loud laughter, crying. In general, the psychological atmosphere resembles a kind of carnival.

If a girl is dissatisfied with something, she can swear all over the street, inadvertently devoting passers-by to the conflict.

If Brazilians are happy about something, they can sing and dance right in the middle of the crowd. It’s still unusual for me.

I didn’t even think that it would be so difficult for me to endure someone else’s emotionality. I look back at the passers-by, hiss, I ask to be quiet, I am very embarrassed for the friend’s behavior.


Brazilian sociability

Plus, Brazilian women are incredibly sociable. If you are in a hurry on business and suddenly met a friend on the street, never stop to exchange a few words. It will take an entire hour.

And, unfortunately, friends from the sunny country will not be able to keep your secret, and everyone around will know about it. They are not evil. It’s just such a national feature, too talkative.

The fortress of family ties

In Brazil, family is one of the main values in life. Do not try to complain to your husband’s mother-in-law or sister about his behavior or words.

For them, a family member is sacred, in any matter they will take his/her side.

Few taboo topics

The inhabitants of this region are very open, for them, there are no restrictions in the conversation. You can ask for advice for family life, and at the table, you will be asked a thousand questions, literally about how often you sleep with your husband and in what positions.

For them, this is absolutely normal, commonplace, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Therefore, at family feasts, I try to get by with extraneous conversations, and reserve complaints and requests for advice for friends of my nationality.

If you are interested in the peculiarities of life abroad or relations with Brazilians, like and ask questions in the comments. I will gladly share my life experience.

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