Why do some Brazilians dislike their Carnival

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In any case, most Brazilians do not like Carnival. And every year the number of those dissatisfied with this holiday is more and more.

Brazil is famous all over the world for its carnival. Tourists from all over the world come here to see this holiday. Meanwhile, more and more Brazilians are trying to get away from the epicenter of the general madness of dance, music and alcohol. Why? Today I will tell you about it.

This post was written based on communication with Brazilians in my social circle. I will write their thoughts, pure subjectivity, nothing more. So you may well disagree with what was said below.

Carnival is one of the grandest holidays in Brazil. Competitions are arranged between samba schools, which has the best costume, statue, chest, buttocks … 4 days (from Saturday to Tuesday) and nights of crazy fun, music, dancing, festivities. And 4 days of official holidays. And some have all 7 days.
So what these Brazilians don’t like? Why do many begin to avoid this holiday, and some even feel ashamed of their country?

Why Brazilians don’t like Carnival

1) A huge noisy action in the whole city, which simply does not give rest and opportunity to those who do not like a carnival.

carnival brazil

Do you see this crowd? This is only a thousandth part of how many people actually take to the streets at this time. At night, this number does not decrease in any way. Add in this constant loud music, screams and imagine that this is happening under your windows. All 4 days and nights almost without interruption. Quite a few people work even during the carnival period. Can you imagine that you are returning from work after a 12-hour shift and the only thing you want is to sleep? But you can’t do it. Well, or you’re lucky and a grenade shot can’t wake you up. But, unfortunately, most of those who work on these holidays hate this holiday.

2) A huge amount of alcohol and drugs

Carnival Rio

Carnival is considered to be a kind of moment when you can forget about the whole thing and have fun. As if this is the last day of your life. So enjoy it to the fullest. And get drunk like a pig. And then grow your wings and fly away with the drugs. Can you imagine what is going on on the street especially at the end of the celebration?

3) A large increase in the crime rate: fights, shootings, rape

And also the number of deaths from a drug overdose.
Hundreds of cases of robbery, rape, and murder are recorded annually during the carnival period. All mainly because of the same alcohol and drugs. People seem to be falling off their noose, do not see the boundaries of what is permitted. It is said that during the carnival, the level of violence and crime rises to 88%.
And just as simply the level of children born after 9 months is simply enormous. Memes on this topic are circulating on the Internet. For a month and during the carnival, there is massive propaganda of condoms on TV and on the streets. In some places, you can even get them for free. After all, not only pregnancy but also venereal diseases are becoming an integral part of this celebration.

I would send you real pictures of sexual madness in the carnival, but then it will be an 18+ post. Just google it: “sexo no carnaval”. Most of the photos are real, not staged.
Well, it’s just a photo of one of the samba dancers.

samba dancer

4) Increased sex tourism in Brazil

This is perhaps one of the saddest remarks of the Brazilians. The Brazilian carnival is famous for its nudity, beautiful (not always) girls with huge asses, and boobs. And all these are covered with a maple leaf. Full nudity is prohibited by the rules of the carnival, but a cross on the nipples and a couple of rhinestones in the bikini area – are ok. This outfit evokes associations with a prostitute. And foreigners think that all girls in Brazil are like that. Not even during the carnival period. For most men from other countries, they are considered easily accessible women with whom you can sleep without problems, as well as the fact that you cannot build a serious relationship with them. This is very upsetting for many girls, especially those who hate the carnival.
Also, due to the heat, most girls dress in tops and mini-shorts, which becomes like a red rag for drunk men. Which leads to the above increase in rape and harassment.

carnival girl

5) Terrible smell on the street

The Carnival is an annual event that always begins on the Friday before Ash Wednesday (usually in February/March). This is insane heat from +35 degrees and above. And now imagine millions of people on the street and all close to each other. They breathe. Sweat. Have you already imagined it? Now add the fact that many people piss in the street. In the literal sense, all gateways and streets turn into a public toilet. No exaggeration. Let’s remember the heat again. A bunch of human bodies. Sweat. Urine. Heat. Combo.
No matter how many dry closets they put, no matter how much propaganda they carry out, drunk people and drug addicts do not care.

Carnival piss on street
A real photo from the carnival taken by FB user.

6) A huge amount of garbage on the street and in the ocean.

Not only is the streets of the cities where the bright procession takes place (and this is not only Rio de Janeiro, but also Salvador, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, etc.) turn into a huge public toilet, but also a trash can landfill. Beer bottles, used condoms, packs of various fast food, candy and many others are littered with streets, beaches, the ocean …

7) After all, turning an ordinary holiday parade into political events

Carnival has long been transformed into a huge political platform. At parades, the left (mostly) and the right express their point of view with the help of caricatured statues and just speeches. Carnival seems to have been created to get away from pressing everyday problems, and as a result, it focuses even more on them.

bolsonaro carnival

LGBT people are also not far behind. They use this holiday to popularize tolerance, fight racism and other nasty things. If you go to Carnival to gawk at beautiful girls, then get ready to see this:

lgbt carnival
lgbt carnival
lgbt carnival

I described only a part but highlighted the main reasons. Because of all this, most Brazilians do not like the carnival. Can’t stand it. The only plus is 4 days off. They use them to visit family in other states, to travel somewhere far from all the hustle and bustle. But, of course, there remains a huge percentage of Brazilians who adore the carnival and wait for this holiday most of all during the year. Here, as they say, the taste and color.

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