What do you need to know to make Brazilian coffee?

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Brazil is not only the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world, but also one of the largest coffee consumers on the planet. A lot of coffee is drunk in the country – 5 to 10 cups a day, and small cafezinho cups have long been a daily ritual.

Brazilians love soft, sweet, and strong coffee, and everything is subordinated to obtaining this taste: the grain itself, and its roasting, and the methods of preparation.

Cultivation of coffee in Brazil

Coffee is grown mainly in the southeastern states with ideal climates – Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Parana. Coffee plantations here are located on low elevations or even on plains. Therefore, the taste of most varieties of Brazilian Arabica is strong and even, without the characteristic sourness.

coffee in brazil

The traditional way of drying coffee in Brazil is dry, in the sun.

Coffee in Brazil is dried naturally – in the sun. Thanks to this method, the pulp of the coffee berry saturates the grain with fructose, and its taste is sweet, soft, round.

coffee drying

Traditional coffee roasting in Brazil

The coffee roasting way is very important in Brazil – the beans are roasted in such a way that their maximum caramelization occurs to saturate the taste with sweet notes. At the same time, there is a soft bitterness, notes of chocolate caramel and nuts, and the aftertaste is long and sweet.

Traditional coffee grinding in Brazil – fine, for filter

The traditional grind in Brazil is quite fine – especially for the fabric filter. This approach to brewing makes it possible to get a rich taste of coffee, but without excessive bitterness, since the softness of taste is in the foreground in Brazilian coffee.

The traditional way of making coffee in Brazil is with a cloth filter

Traditionally, coffee in Brazil is prepared by brewing ground coffee through a filter cloth (called a sock in Brazil).

Making coffee using a fabric filter is very simple: you just spill hot water (not boiling water) through the filter that contains the ground coffee.

Boil water, and then wait a couple of minutes until it cools slightly to the required temperature (90-92 ° C). Put ground coffee in the filter: for one serving, you need 2 teaspoons of freshly ground coffee and 100-150 ml of water. Pour hot water slowly into the filter. The coffee dripping from the filter is ready to drink.

Sock filter

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