Travel Guide to Búzios, Brazil

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“If there is a paradise on Earth, then it is Buzios!” – this is how the French actress Brigitte Bardot spoke about the resort located near Rio de Janeiro. She fell in love with this place, came back here often. Now this love is reminded of a monument erected on one of the embankments of Buzios. After her, the king of Norway, Naomi Campbell, Bill Gates, and Mick Jagger visited here, and all of them were also amazed at the magnificence of these places.

Búzios, Brazil

Why is Buzios so attractive?

It is a tiny peninsula less than 10 km long, 127 km from Rio, famous for its paradise beaches, lush untouched vegetation, crystal clear waters, creating landscapes of incredible, breathtaking beauty! The peninsula is located at the intersection of two Atlantic currents: the western coast is washed by the warm Brazilian current, and the eastern coast is washed by the cool Antarctic.

The composition of the population of the peninsula was constantly changing. Initially, these places were inhabited by the Indian tribes of Tamoio and Goitakos. Then Buzios was accidentally discovered by English pirates and settled here. But soon they were replaced by the French, who turned the bays of the peninsula into a market for black slaves in the 17th century, and the Portuguese came here after the French.

Búzios, Brazil

Until the middle of the 20th century, Buzios was just a small village where the inhabitants grazed cows and lived in tiny fishing houses. The situation, oddly enough, was changed by the economic crisis in Argentina. Many Argentines, in search of a better life, left their country, settled on the Buzios peninsula and began to develop the city’s infrastructure. Soon, wealthy Brazilians did the same, providing the city with electricity, water supply and posh mansions. Since then, Buzios began to actively develop as an attractive resort, and in 2006 the government launched a development plan for the region, the main task of which was the integration of modern high-quality infrastructure into a unique natural landscape.

Today Buzios is a paradise resort chosen by both Brazilians and tourists from all over the world. In terms of its geographical features, Buzios is more like a tropical island, whose territory is covered with hills with lush vegetation. Untouched nature here is combined with excellent infrastructure, hundreds of small hotels and restaurants are neatly inscribed in the magnificent landscape.

Búzios, Brazil

The central street – Rua das Pedras – consists of houses built in the 19th century, and is a favorite place for both townspeople and tourists. The name of this street is translated as “street of stones”. This is a place where you can wander for hours listening to the accents of foreign tourists and enjoy a variety of styles of music playing in the cafe.

On Rua das Pedras street, there are many shops, restaurants designed for the most discerning gourmets. Check out the Chez Michou Pancake for an informal outdoor setting, delicious pancakes with cheese, bananas, chicken curry or caramel, all paired with beer, cocktails and great live Brazilian music.

Cigalon Restaurant – a romantic establishment with a view of the beach, an extensive wine list, huge portions – is considered the best place to eat duck in town. Bar do Zé is a restaurant that is especially remembered for its incredibly tasty cuisine and unforgettable views of the bay, strewn with fishing boats at sunset.

Here, on Rua das Pedras, the city’s nightlife is concentrated. Club Pacha is a place for those who love techno and house music, with amazing views of Kanto Beach. It is located 15 meters above the ocean. Its unique design lies in the successful combination of transparent and colored glass, and even the floors are glass.

On the shore, named after Brigitte Bardot (Orla Bordott), there are famous monuments to the actress herself, as well as to three fishermen – the monument is installed right in the ocean.

Búzios, Brazil

Buzios is served by two airports, there is also a port for ships and a yacht club. There are schools of surfing (by the way, the youngest instructor in the world, certified by the International Kiteboarding Association – a six-year-old boy), diving, and other sports. Also here you can find many art galleries (Galeria de Christina Motta, Galeria das Artes), the city hosts music and film festivals, sailing weeks.

In addition, Buzios is famous for its two nature reserves. The Reserva de Tauá forest is home to an amazing country of butterflies and rare birds. And the Reserva das Emerências forest is the only place in Brazil where monkeys of a rare, now endangered species – golden lion heads – live.

But the main attraction of the resort is, of course, the beaches!

There are 20 amazing beaches for every taste, even the most demanding one

  1. The beach of Geribá is the largest, ideal for surfing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding.
  2. Ferradura Beach (Praia de Ferradura), sheltered from winds and strong currents, a horseshoe-shaped beach suitable for families with children.
  3. Praia Olho de Boi Beach, surrounded by the pristine Atlantic Forest, where you can experience true unity with nature. This beach, along with the lesser-known beach of José Gonçalves, is a real mecca for ecotourism.
  4. The Juan Fernandes beach (Praia de João Fernandes), named after the Portuguese who defended the coast from attacks by corsairs and Indians, is popular with lovers of comfort and good service.
  5. Praia Azeda beach is small and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The beach is surrounded by rocky shores, covered with lush vegetation, and washed by the purest lemon-green water.
beach Buzios, Brazil

Buzios is a place for those who want to forget about the big cities for a while and enjoy the natural scenery of one of the most beautiful peninsulas in the Southern Hemisphere.

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