Tips on Meeting Brazilian Women in Rio de Janeiro

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I love all the beauty that can be found in the city of Rio de Janeiro.  From the beaches to the mountains this place is amazing.  One of the top things I enjoy most in Rio is all the beautiful women.  The women of Rio are some of the sexiest, exotic, friendly, and exciting women on the planet.  You can stand on almost any corner of the city, from the favela slums to the upscale areas of Ipanema, and see beautiful Rio de Janeiro women. One of the great things about Rio women is that they come in all 31 flavors.  Whether your taste is vanilla, caramel, or dark chocolate you will find it here.  The styles of women here in Rio also vary as much as the flavors, with everything from sexy Barbie dolls to beautiful Afro-centric queens.

Most girls here in Rio de Janeiro are really friendly and approachable.  Although it helps to know some basic Portuguese, a good amount of the women here also speak English.  Another great thing about the women is that if they happened to be attracted to you they are definitely not shy about making the first move.  The first move can be anything from a lot of eye contact and smiles to walking right up to you and starting a conversation.  Brazilian women are used to aggressive and confident men so don’t be afraid to stare, flirt back, and eventually go in for the “kill.”  Say Hello (Ola or Oi) and ask her if she speaks English (Fala Inglis?).  If she doesn’t speak any English and you don’t speak any Portuguese it’s probably going to be a dead-end, but don’t worry at least you can start building your skills in meeting Brazilian women.

Brazilian women are very touchy feely and I really love that about them.  You can greet a Brazilian woman by saying Oi (Hello) and giving her kind of a soft peck on each of her cheeks.  Brazilian women like fun guys who know how to have a good time.  All of that “i’m so cool,” “sunglasses in the nightclub” poser attitude that guys sometimes have back in the States really does not work here.  Cool is ok, but the women here prefer fun and interesting men that can make them laugh.  Matter of fact if you meet a Brazilian girl in a bar or a club and she is attracted to you and you are making her laugh, keeping her attention, and showing her a good time don’t be surprised if she ends up making out with you right there.  Brazilian girls love to make out, even when they are not drunk 🙂 WARNING!!! making out does not mean you are going to necessarily get laid, but it does mean you’re making good progress.

Another important thing to keep in mind when meeting Brazilian women is that unless you’re some HOT male supermodel or millionaire rock-star every chick wants to be with, if you run into Brazilian girls who are being EXTRA over the top friendly and flirtatiously aggressive to you, more than likely they’re “working girls.” Guys don’t flatter yourselves because no matter how many push-ups you did before going out that night if a Brazilian girl is asking you about going back to your room after only 15 minutes of meeting her she’s “working.”  There are quite a few working girls (prostitutes) in Rio de Janeiro, especially in Copacabana.  You can find them hanging out on certain parts of the beach during the day and also at select bars, clubs, and restaurants at night.  Adult prostitution is a grey area in Brazil.  I don’t think it’s actually legal on the books, but the law is definitely not enforced.  Just remember whatever you do, NO minors!!! Brazil does not play when it comes to the sexual exploitation of minors.

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to tell but for me personally if I’m not sure I usually just ask the girl straight up if she’s being very aggressive.  It’s a lot better than flirting with a girl all night then finding out she wants money to hook up.  I know it might be kind of a messed up question to ask, especially if she’s not “working,” but I ask, especially if I have a feeling that she is working so I don’t waste both of our time.  And hey if she is NOT working an offended by the question she’s probably not my type anyway.  I’ve never really been into square sensitive girls that offend so easily 🙂

Guys this is important also.  On the flip side DO NOT go around Rio de Janeiro acting like a stupid gringo with the attitude that all Brazilian girls are prostitutes and you can offer any girl money for sex.  The majority of Brazilian women are beautiful, intelligent, normal “non-working” girls that are out having a good time.  By the way this is not to say that the “working” girls are not smart and intelligent either because a lot of them are I’m just trying to make a point because I see a lot of American guys come here with the attitude that Brazilian women are whores.

The best places and time to meet women in Rio de Janeiro for a tourist is probably during the evening at one of the more popular sidewalk bars, cafes, or pubs frequented by both Brazilians and foreigners.  I’m working on creating a list of some of the best places for men to meet women in Rio and will have that for you guys soon.  Keep in mind that unless you’re an extra smooth, handsome ladies man, have a lot of game, or your Portuguese is fairly good it’s a little more difficult meeting women inside of loud nightclubs.  You may get lucky meeting a girl in a disco, but the odds are really stacked against you.

Another great way to meet beautiful women here in Rio de Janeiro is to hit on your service staff.  It may sound a little crazy but there are plenty of single and sexy Brazilian girls working in Rio’s service industry.  The good thing about this movie is that they will usually speak really good English, they either like or are used to dealing with foreign men, and they know many fun things to do in the city.  Whatever you do PLEASE DON’T hound or stalk these women if they are simply not interested.  Feel them out a little bit and if you notice the hot Brazilian bartender is checking you out too, then go for it.

Rio de Janeiro is one of those cities you can just let go.  You don’t have to front, lie, or try to impress the women here.  Just be yourself and have a good time meeting some of the most fun, exotic, and sexy women you will ever come across in your life

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