The best way for budget travelers to get from São Paulo Airport to the city center

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The best way for budget travelers to get on their own from Guarulhos São Paulo airport is to take city bus number 257 (it runs from 05:00 am to 00.10 am). every 15 minutes. The bus stop is at the exit from Terminal 2 to the left 50 meters.

São Paulo Airport to the city center

I note that the new terminal number 3, which opened quite recently, does not have a stop for this bus, but from terminal 3 to the second there is a transition from the departure area to terminal 2, or you can walk in the fresh air, on the road, it takes about 5 minutes in total.

Ticket price

The price is BRL 4.25 (roughly US $ 1.50). Pay at the entrance to the driver, whether in bills or coins, the driver gives change. The bus displays the number and the inscription of the terminal station, from the airport it is “Tatuape”

It takes about 25 minutes to get there when there are no traffic jams, and if there is, then 1 hour.

Tatuape is a junction with a large shopping center of the same name and a metro station. This is the final.

bus stop

-On the right you will immediately see the lift on 2 floors, turn right and after 50 meters you will see the entrance to the metro station with the same name – Tatuape, here is its entrance in the photo

bus stop

-A subway ticket is sold opposite the entrance to the ticket office, stick it into the turnstile and go through. Price for 1 ride 3 Brazilian reais.

From the Tatuape metro station on the metro line – METRO L 3, we go in the direction of Palmeiras-Barra Funda – it is about 20 minutes and 7 stops, we leave in the very center on Republic Square – this is the Republica station, we go up from the metro and find ourselves here on photo – this is Republic Square.

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