Strict rules in Rio’s favelas

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So there are strict rules in Rio’s favelas. This rules are not only for the ordinary inhabitants but also for the bandits.
That is, in the favela, robbing and killing are NOT allowed! And outside the favela it is POSSIBLE!

Therefore, all these bandits go hunting on the streets of the city in order to profit from wallets, telephones, gold chains, bicycles, and cars.⠀
More often, bandits and thieves hunt near their favela. They are snatching the phone out of hands and quickly run into a favela.
If the police reacted immediately, they will have time to catch up and catch the thief. If he managed to run into the favela, then the usual police will not go there.

And then it is useless to go to the police station. You will, of course, fill out a theft statement. But this is all over.

In addition to petty thieves, dangerous criminals who have escaped from prison and those who are wanted are hiding in the favelas. They are well armed. Moreover, they have the most powerful military weapon capable of even shooting down a helicopter.

These are the ones that specially trained police officers from the BOPE squad are hunting for. This is a type of special forces. Only they can invade the favela and arrange a military operation there, similar to war.

In tv show “The Power of Desire”, Major Jaise works in such a special task force to fight the favelas.

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522 points