Rio Scenarium Nightclub (REVIEW)

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Rio Scenarium Nightclub
Rua do Lavrádio, 20, Rio de Janeiro (Lapa)
(21) 3147-9005

Rio Scenarium is one of my favorite nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro. It’s the perfect place to have dinner, dance, and listen to some of Brazil’s best Samba Bands. I enjoy the vibe at Rio Scenarium. On the weekends it is always packed with a great fun crowd. It’s a really diverse crowd too, which I love. You’ll find people of all ages and all walks of life there, from Cariocas (Rio Locals) to tourists.

Rio Scenarium manages to be a very tourist-friendly spot, without being over the top and gimmicky.  The club is huge and has three floors. The 1rst floor has live samba bands and on the 2nd there is a large discotic with DJ. The cover charge is usually around R$30. The drinks prices are pretty good and if you’re going for dinner they have great food and it’s all reasonably priced too.  On weekends, especially Saturdays make sure you get there before 11 pm unless you want to wait in a very long line. If you do get caught in the line don’t worry there will be plenty of street vendors selling you everything from food to tequila shots while you wait.  Plus watching all of the pretty eye candy in line is a great way to kill time.

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525 points