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What I like about this series is that it shows that no one has yet answered this seemingly simple question:

What is more important – freedom or security?

“Omniscient” (Onisciente) is the work of the Brazilian studio Boutique Filmes. It takes place in the city of Sao Paulo, in the near future. One company is responsible for security. Each resident is watched by a drone resembling a bee. The drone documents a person’s entire life and immediately analyzes his behavior using algorithms. If a person violated – get an instant penalty.


Private life is not violated, because a person does not have access to records, only a neural network.

Nina Peixoto wants to work as a programmer at the Omniscient Corporation and, moreover, shares similar values. Only once, she comes home and finds her father with a hole in his back. There was a crime. But if so, the murderer’s drone did not work. The ideal system seems to have broken.

The management of the corporation wants to hide this information, because they are planning a deal in Hong Kong – the city wants to connect to the Omniscient system. If an error occurs, the company is screwed.

No one is interested in the truth except Nina, and her brother Daniel, although he wants to help, but only spoils everything. A woman from political structures became interested in the case. But will the two of them have enough experience to resist a powerful corporation?

The world is changing, perhaps this kind of surveillance will someday become a part of our life. Will we trade our privacy for security, even if we believe that no one except the computer will see our life? And in general, are we doing the right thing because we are so good, or because we are afraid of responsibility for our actions?

And if there are no cameras, will it get better or worse?

The series makes you think about similar questions. And also over more personal ones. Where is the line between fighting for the truth and the willingness to break the law? And is it possible to deceive friends for a higher purpose?

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535 points