Pros and cons of living in Brazil

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I have accumulated a wagon of all sorts of notes about the country, so I will take some of the information from my old records. It is my personal pros and cons of living in Brazil. Maybe some of them are nothing.

The pros of living in Brazil

  1. Food. Good restaurants, fresh fruit all year round, quality groceries in stores, good coffee, fresh juices everywhere (problem is finding others). Diverse cuisines from different countries, such as excellent Japanese and Italian cuisine. In terms of the variety and number of restaurants, Sao Paulo is second only to New York.
  2. Service sector. Decent service, often of a very high standard. Not without exceptions, but the overall level is high in more or less large cities. In small ones – as you get there. It happens that everyone is very polite, but terribly slow and dull.
  3. Medicine. Expensive but good. A normal policy for one person over 30 years old costs more than $ 100 per month. Children’s policy is more expensive, for older people it is much more expensive (up to $ 500).
  4. Soccer. This is good for someone but bad for someone as traffic jams and non-working staff on the day of the games.
  5. Housing. High level of comfort. Modern homes have a ton of services ranging from a gym, swimming pool, booze room to underground parking, cleaning, playground, and so on. The colorful picture is diluted with the level of performance with leaky windows, drafts and cold winters, details always falling off from everywhere, the lack of a centralized hot water supply, often an idiotic layout and an extremely complex organization of any repairs.
  6. Clean public toilets. A separate item. No comments. Toilets are the face of the nation. And they are on top.
  7. Traffic organization. Separately, we note the parking system. Expensive (though not for everyone), but the system is there and it works perfectly.
  8. Intercity routes. They are nice and comfortable, unlike city roads, which are creepy shit and a shame.
  9. Climate and ecology. The issue is controversial. There is no winter with snow – this is a plus, but it is cold at home in winter, this is a minus. But, anyway, the climate is still pleasing.
  10. Friendly polite people (if they are not in a car), ready to help with small things. A definite plus.
  11. Discipline. Brazilians do not take seats for disabled people and the elderly, do not climb into special cash desks for these categories of people.
  12. Attitude towards children and parents with children. Children are loved, with them everywhere it is easy and calm, even if they scream and cry. The attitude is super. A huge plus.
  13. An electronic queue is organized everywhere. In addition, waiting is well organized everywhere or almost everywhere: chairs, sofas, benches, magazines, TV with moronic local shows and crime news.
  14. Developed banking system and various related industries. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted. I witnessed how a woman came from the favela to the office of a telecom operator to sell honey and she accepted payments by cards at a POS terminal.
  15. Family values as a universal standard. Promotion of family values and the institution of the family in general, legislation designed to strengthen the family and much, much more in this direction.
  16. Carnivals and gay pride parades. Still, it attracts a comparable number of viewers and takes place on a comparable scale.
  17. Sao Paulo is a convenient travel destination for Latin America.
  18. A feeling of relaxation in everything, including work. For employers, this is a huge disadvantage. It’s even hard to describe. In Brazil, between the New Year and Carnival (late February and early March, depending on Easter), almost no one works. You shouldn’t plan anything serious during this period. Or you can plan, but assume that the productivity will be 50%, and everything that is better is considered a positive risk.
  19. High salaries for educated professionals. The MBA is very much appreciated.
  20. Really working mortgage programs for young families with low income.
  21. Well-developed dentistry. The prices are lower and the quality is better.
  22. Public transport runs from 5 am to 1:30 am.
  23. Drinking culture. For all the time I saw only a few drunk people on the streets.

The cons of living in Brazil

There is no way to describe all the problems, there are a lot of them. I do not take the usual problems that arise for everyone who moves to another country. I will describe the most important, in my opinion, which sometimes just infuriates.

  1. Almost no one and almost never admits their mistakes. You cannot hear: “Yes, this is our fault, we are already correcting.”
  2. Almost no one and almost never admits someone else is right.
  3. Almost everyone doesn’t care about anything.
  4. Almost everything that differs from the accepted level (faster, better, cleaner, prettier, etc.) is very expensive, the rest is just expensive.

I write the word “almost” since a certain percentage of sane and partially sane people exist. A huge problem that all employees in Brazil face (working for domestic companies, for sure) is the inability to explain these and many other problems to employers.

It must be added that, in the general human sense, people here are wonderful and kind.

5. Everything is expensive. Everything local is cheaper than imported. Almost all products and brands are unknown to foreigners. Most of the goods for the domestic market in the country are produced: from cowards to cars and airplanes.

6. Housing rent is expensive. At the same time, without having lived for some time in the country, you will not be able to rent a normal apartment, since they usually ask for several identity documents, for example, CPF (TIN) and bills for electricity, gas, Internet and from the bank. And if you have not lived in the country, then you cannot have this.

7. Purchase in foreign online stores

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