Not only Carnival: what surprised me the most in Brazil

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I confess that my ideas about this country were limited to TV shows, coffee and sultry models. In the other part of the world, many surprises awaited me. Big and small. And this is definitely not about wild monkeys.

Relative safety

Everyone, literally everyone, told me – be more careful! Don’t go with money, don’t walk in the evening, don’t wear jewelry, don’t drink with strangers, don’t go into favelas, don’t trust guys.

Perhaps newcomers are lucky, but instead of being “hit on the head with a bottle”, I met a different attitude. Moreover, if I asked for help, they helped me.

When electricity went out in a cafe in Paraty, they brought me “what God sent” for lunch. “They cheat,” I thought. “Now they will count according to the tourist price list.” As a result, for a huge mass of food – they gave me the minimum check (25 reais). This disarming honesty made my teeth bite. And I felt ashamed.


Almost no one speaks English

There are two communication options:

💠Use an online translator (you will have to splurge on a tourist SIM card or ask a local to register the number for yourself)

💠 Learn Portuguese (it’s very beautiful!)


Everything is relative. If the rhythm of a metropolis is in the blood, the work of local cashiers can activate steam from the ears. These lovely women slowly click on barcodes and carefully put shoppers’ products into bags. It seems that they are not at all embarrassed by the line to the opposite wall of the trading floor. Why be in a hurry? 😀 Sun, sea, beach. 🌴

Lots of fast food

To find something NOT fried, NOT deep-fried, NOT sweet, or NOT fatty is problematic. The local population is not only colorful but also high in calories. 🍰 Probably a large hot soul requires appropriate body sizes. Or there is simply no food culture. Brazilians, by the way, do not bother with curvaceous forms – there are different standards of beauty.

Attitude to football

Football is played everywhere. ⚽ Girls are equal to boys. Often barefoot. On the beach, the ball is more popular than frisbee, rackets and even marijuana. 😬

Attitude to life

The ocean can be very hectic. Waves knock you off your feet and drag you over the horizon. Little Brazilians don’t care about anything. They frolic and jump into the raging foam, as if in the arms of their mother. 🌊 Parents are not visible nearby. Rescuers look at what is happening with calmness. The level of trust in instincts is frightening and delighting at the same time.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians drink a lot of coffee

Cappuccino is only with sugar. They are very surprised when you ask for savory. I tried 3 packs of coffee beans from different manufacturers. And I gave up. Brazilian coffee was so strong for me.

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