Myth vs Reality: Are Brazilian Women Easy?

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Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful and exotic women on the planet. Whether you see them in their skimpy bikinis on the beaches of Copacabana or in downtown Rio wearing a business skirt and heels they are the perfect definition of SEXY!

Many Americans and other foreign men around the world have this idea in their heads though that Brazilian women are easy when it comes to sex.

Brazilian women are sexually promiscuous myth or reality?

Well, I’m here to set the record straight. HELL YEAH! Brazilian women are easy. Yes, I said it and I’ll say it again. BRAZILIAN GIRLS ARE EASY!!! Now before the hate mail starts let me explain…Brazilian women are very friendly, warm, and open which makes it EASY to start a conversation with them. Even if they are not interested most Brazilian women will shoot you down so politely that you will still be able to walk away with some dignity and your confidence intact.

Many Brazilian women are not hung up on material things and seem to be more concerned about how nice, funny, and intelligent you are than the kind of car you drive, which makes them EASY to relate to. Brazilian women enjoy life, have passion, and know-how to have a good time which makes them EASY to enjoy being around.

Brazilian women are EASY because most do not put their “Punany on a Pedestal” and they look at sex as being mutually beneficial. Brazilian women are EASY because they know what they want and are not afraid to flirt and make the first move. Brazilian women are EASY because they love being women, love being attractive, love being beautiful and their sexuality is not defined by Western feminism. Brazilian women are EASY because they can be strong, independent, progressive, modern-day women and still know how to come home and take good care of their man and/or family.

So YES Brazilian girls are EASY. Brazilian women are easier to meet, easier to approach, easier to start a conversation, and easier to spend time with. All of these wonderful characteristics make it easy or easier for men who have been used to dealing with stuck up, materialistic, soulless women their entire lives. So when I say Brazilian women are easy in no way to do I mean that they are sluts, whores, or don’t have strong moral values. I just know that whether I’m looking for a future wife or a one night stand that this is the kind of woman I would rather spend my time chasing 😉

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