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Dear blog readers, in this post I will tell you about my trip to the small town of Paraty in the very south of the state of Rio de Janeiro (this region of the state is called “Green Coast”). Paraty is a small and very calm village, where everything has remained virtually untouched since colonial times, surrounded by mountains and tropical jungle. This city is known not only as one of the main destinations for international tourism in the state of Rio de Janeiro but also for the fact that the International Literary Fair is held here annually, which attracts writers from all over Brazil, as well as from other countries. Let’s move on to the photo gallery of the trip to Paraty, made especially for the Portal.

Paraty is my next town after Rio De Janeiro. In these areas, I really began to feel the country. Brazil is so huge and diverse. Here I came across a lush nature and waterfalls, which are one more beautiful than the other.

The city of Paraty was recommended to me by the Brazilians as a quiet and secluded place, in which the spirit of tradition still lives and has a touch of nationality. Without even thinking, I went to explore this place. And now it is my favourite city!

For me, Paraty is a fairy tale city that, like a box, has collected all the best. Walking along its cobbled streets was a pleasure and a joy to the soul. Many different cafes and restaurants offered tourists delicious national menus and, of course, coffee.

In the evening, the town does not fall asleep, but on the contrary, a hot fiesta begins here to the rhythms of samba and foho. They dance here not only in clubs but also in bars and just on the street.

There are no problems with housing in the city either. I found our apartment through the Airbnb website and was the second guest of the hostess. And here is my other favourite city

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