My Robbery case #1 in Brazil

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When I moved to Brazil, I already knew that RJ is the most dangerous city in Brazil. Here, everyone told me that lately it has become much calmer than before. The police patrol the favelas, and crime is generally reduced. Despite this, I still tried to be vigilant and careful – not to go to unnecessary corners of the street, not to walk anywhere in the evening.

My robbery case: I rented a car to go to Sao Paulo

So in Rio, shortly after leaving my apartment my navigator glitched, or I did a msitake, but for some reason drove into an incomprehensible narrow dead end, where there was no place to turn around.

I stopped to think and look at the map. Suddenly black-faced youngsters come up, chattering something in their Portuguese, I didn’t understand a word, I just smiled. And their faces were evil. And then one took out a pistol and pointed it to my window. It’s hot, the air conditioner is on, the windows are closed. The doors are, of course, locked.

I can’t say that I was scared. Yes, I was surprised. Yes, I felt an adrenaline rush. I thought Rio was living up to its proud title of a crime city. I didn’t know what to do.

I step on the gas, drive forward. I understand that there is already the dead-end, I cannot go further. One of these black-faced men runs after me with a pistol, and the rest, 5-6 people, stayed behind. I see in the mirror how they are building barricades so that I cannot leave. Everyone is with a weapon. Moreover, the barricades are – iron fences, which are used when repairing roads.
Then everything was like in a movie.

I don’t have enough experience in driving a car.

Well, and then Iput the handle in “R”, gas up, and rushed to their “anti-tank bariades.” At the same time, I was beeping continuously. It’s a pity that there was no one to film this spectacle. ))))) In general, there were a lot of people on the street, everyone was staring at me, but were silent. Apparently, the bandit areas have their own rules.

It was not possible to demolish the barricades from the first try, it was necessary to speed up again. Most of all I was afraid that these idiots would start throwing themselves under the wheels. I didn’t want to crush people at all. But they realized that I would run over them and would not blink an eye. And they really shied away from the car in different directions. At the same time, with all their dope they beat on the windows, roof, and trunk with all their dope. The rear window was completely blown out, the windshield was all cracked. Well, the rear bumper remained somewhere in these anti-tank baricades.

The second time I flew out of there, andd at full speed slipped through the entire area along narrow crooked streets, turned around on a wide street only when I realized that the traffic around had completely stopped, and everyone was looking at me. And I also continued to honk. The assholes first ran after the car for a while, then stopped and went back. Apparently, this was the border of their coverage area.

I drove onto the highway and felt that something was wrong with one wheel. I looked. Well, of course, there is practically no rubber, I drive on a disk. I had to stop. And here I became convinced how much Brazilians are generally benevolent. I didn’t even have time to think about what to do next, when three cars stopped next to me. One guy put a triangle, stood next to it and waved his hands, warning people about a problem on the road. The second one began to call the police. The third one called to renting car company. The wife of one of these guys spoke a little English. She talked to me and translated everything for the rest.

Then, for some reason, as many as three fire engines arrived, blocked 2 lanes, covering me. This whole crowd of people was bustling about, doing something and worrying, was everything okay with me. And I just blinked with amazement and shook off the fragments. Then the guys quickly and amicably changed my wheel, escorted me to the rent car company and literally handed me and the car to the employees there.

And they gave me drink, fed me, said the main thing is that I am alive and well. I paid 1,000$ for repairing the car.

Personally, I think that all this was designed exclusively for “fright”. A tourist must get scared, in horror, jump out of the car and give them the car and everything that is in it.
But!!! First, none of these idiots ever fired a shot. Not into the air, not on wheels, not into me. Secondly, when they broke the rear window, they could have easily jumped into the cabin, but there were no such attempts. And finally, even in the most criminal countries of the world, there is a huge difference between robbing a tourist and inflicting bodily harm on him, not to mention murder.
Many people say that I was just lucky. I do not know. Perhaps due to the fact that I was alone in the car, I deeply did not care how it all ended. After all, we usually worry much more about our loved ones than about ourselves.

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