Music Festival “Rock in Rio” in Brazil

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Rock in Rio is a true celebration of music that knows no boundaries. First of all, the geographical boundaries, because the festival is attended by world-famous performers and hundreds of thousands of spectators from different parts of the world. In addition, there are no musical boundaries here: despite the fact that it may seem as if the festival was conceived only for lovers of heavy music, it is not so! Here, roaring metal is played on one side, and David Guetta is spinning his records on the other.

rock in rio

And all this is surrounded by the ocean, hot sand of magnificent Brazilian beaches, parades of samba schools, mini-carnivals with beauties in bright costumes, and street art exhibitions. For the energy and drive of this spectacle, millions of people come here, many of whom cross the oceans for the sake of Rock in Rio!

Attention! Rock In Rio 2021 has been canceled!

The next Rock in Rio will happen in September 2022: 02-04 September, 08-10 September.

The history of the Rock in Rio festival: from 1985 to the present day

The music festival once became the largest in the world. The first Rock in Rio, which took place in 1985 in the Brazilian capital, set the bar high: the festival attracted more than 1.5 million viewers, and the legendary band’s Queen and AC / DC became the main stars of the show. The second festival of 1991, headlined by Guns N ‘Roses, barely accommodated everyone at its main venue, the huge Maracanã stadium.

Later, Lisbon and Madrid took up the baton of the festival, but Rio de Janeiro with its hot atmosphere that remains the “homeland” of one of the main musical events of the planet. And the name of the festival is reflected in the title of the album “Iron Maiden” and the concert recording of the performance of “Queen”.

Today, by the beginning of the festival, a special town with all the necessary infrastructure is being built, which can accommodate everyone. Performances are held at several arena venues at once. Outside them, there are dozens of cafes, street bars, and even special corners of nature for relaxation from the noisy crowd.

Rock in Rio Social Mission: How Does Each Viewer Save the Amazon Forests?

When conceiving the Rock in Rio festival, its creator, Roberto Medina, was not only thinking about money. Rock in Rio’s vision is to improve and transform the environment in which we live, not only through music and art but also by bringing people together to meet global challenges. The “For a Better World” project was created to make every participant of the festival feel involved in something bigger.

Already today, more than 71 million BRL has been allocated to save the rainforests of the Amazon, where more than 300 thousand trees have been planted (and 3 million are planned!). It’s a good idea to come to a performance of your favorite performers and thereby help people or the whole planet, isn’t it?

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