Movies about Rio and Brazil

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  1. “Greetings, Friends” (1942). The new hero of the Disney studio cartoons – The Carioca – is a parrot, the hero of a full-length cartoon. The premiere took place in Rio. The carioca introduced Donald Duck to samba.
  2. “Moonraker” (1979) – James Bond performed by Roger Moore. Some of the scenes were filmed in Rio de Janeiro, such as Pão de Açúcar.
  3. “Blame It on Rio” (1984) – a stereotypical vision of exotic Rio and its mores: half-naked beauties on the beach, looking at a little monkey on a leash, a wedding ceremony ending with macumba rituals …
  4. “Opera of the scoundrel” (Ópera do Malandro) (1985). In the 40s, malandro (scoundrel) was an elegant and popular figure in the bohemian region of Carioca – Lapa. It is he who exploits the cabaret singer and makes his living by petty fraud. Everything changes when Lyudmila, the daughter of a cabaret owner, decides to start smuggling.
  5. “How to be a bachelor” (Como ser solteiro) (1998). In the South Zone of Rio, a journalist who has difficulty communicating with women receives light from a womanizer friend on how to deal with the opposite sex. The journalist meets a girl, they spend two nights. And, on the advice of the ladies’ man, the journalist disappears and within 2 weeks is looking for new girlfriends. The girl begins to communicate with the adviser …
  6. “Orpheus” (1999). The film tells about the love of a composer of the samba school and a beautiful girl. This is a transposition of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice on the realities of the city of Rio de Janeiro during the 1998 carnival. Most of the scenes in the film were filmed in the favela of Jacarepagwa.
  7. “City of God” (2002) is a film that won 4 Oscars. The film raises questions about public safety and the brutality of the city of Rio.
  8. “Elite Squad” (2007, 2010) – the film is based on the book of the same name. Before the premiere, the copy somehow leaked online, which did not prevent the film from becoming a national hit.
  9. “Last Stop 174” (2008) – the film was nominated for an Oscar in 2009. The film tells about the hijacking of a bus in one of the districts of Rio (Candelaria)
  10. “Once” (Era uma Vez) (2008). The story of the forbidden love of a simple honest guy from the favela Morro do Cantagalo and a girl from high society from Ipanema. They meet on the beach and must face prejudices and mistakes in order to stay together.
  11. Agent 117: Mission Rio (2009). The Adventures of French James Bond in Brazil.
  12. “Rio” (2011, 2014) – colorful and exciting adventures of parrots.
  13. “Fast Five. Operation Rio” (2011). Vin Diesel and Paul Walker starring. Rio is presented as a city of refuge for fugitives. And also drug dealers and corruption.
  14. “Well, how did it burn out?” (E ai, comeu?) (2012). A film based on the play of the same name. The story of how a simple conversation in a bar can lead to unexpected consequences. Life stories of bohemian carioca.
  15. “Rio, I love you” (2013) is the third film in a series of declarations of love for various cities. Stories from 10 different directors from different countries – how they see and why they love Rio.
  16. “Elis” (2016). This is the story of the ups and downs of singer Alice Regina, who left Rio Grande do Sul for Rio to become the voice of Brazil.

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