Living with a Brazilian woman

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Hello everybody! I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for 1.5 years. Before, I knew little about this country, except that they adore football and shoot TV shows, and now I can tell in all details about the everyday life and habits of local residents.

Your attention is a small excursion around the country, where I will tell you what Brazilians live and breathe.

In a typical Brazilian middle-class family husband and wife are working.

Everyone has personal bank account, personal credit card, personal car, bought with own money, they split the rent, and even the restaurant bill, many spouses pay in half!

Women here strive for independence and this distribution of the family budget suits both.

Even after maternity leave, which is only 4 months in Brazil, women do not want to stay at home with their baby longer. Parents send the child to kindergarten or hire a nanny and the woman goes to work, takes care of herself, goes to beauty salons, gyms, meets with friends and goes shopping.

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522 points