I visited my Brazilian friend. I show how an ordinary person lives

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In Brazil, many people have very sad living conditions. Hundreds of thousands of people live on the street or in housing without simple amenities – no water or electricity. I visited an ordinary girl Victoria who lives with her grandmother. Their apartment is a former hotel room, they live in a squat, house that was abandoned, and then was seized and converted into the living building.

Vicki is not a rich Brazilian woman, of which there are millions in this country, she does not sleep on the street, but she also cannot afford a personal helicopter, she is an ordinary person and

brazilian girl

this is How her house looks like

The house is in good repair by local standards. Water leaks and mold on the wall are nothing, otherwise such housing is considered good, there are tiles on the floor, walls are painted.

apartment in brazil

One room is a living room-kitchen. It is a little difficult to understand what and where, because there is little space in the apartment and everything is set one on top of the other. Formally, the kitchen is further to the right, where there was once a balcony. But in this “living room” there is a large kitchen set, which is simply used as storage cabinets.

Brazilian kitchen

The kitchen-balcony has a refrigerator, water and a coffee maker. There is a lot of equipment in the house for a poor person. It’s strange, but sometimes even homeless people in Brazil can have a smartphone or a kettle or something similar.

Brazilian apartnemnt

In general, the technical equipment of this apartment is excellent. There is even a router and wi-fi. But there is still a sense of disorder and chaos.

Common people like Vicki and her grandmother cook at home. By the way, fruits and vegetables are cheap in Brazil, so it’s not surprising that the house is full of corn, bananas and other fresh produce.

And if you leave the kitchen and go to the right, then there is another room – a bedroom.

There are surprisingly many things in the bedroom for a poor girl. And cosmetics.

brazilian bedroom

There is another TV in the room, a nice bed. But all this furniture and equipment stands in the midst of mold and devastation …

Brazilian apartment

Such a number of things is surprising, but it is even more surprising that the owners do not want to do anything with the mold, because it can be removed. Vicki admitted that she tried, but it appears again, cuz of the climate. It is likely that due to the redevelopment of this once hotel room, the ventilation system was violated into the apartment and the mold is almost impossible to remove now. But the owners are used to it.

The home, of course, doesn’t look cozy at all. But the main thing is that the owners like it, probably over the years they lived here they got used to such a way of life and they like everything.

The housing is undoubtedly modest. But for the owners of this apartment it is already good that they have it, at least such that they do not have to live on the street, like many hundreds of thousands of people.

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