How to get to Novo Airão from Manaus

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There are 3 options for getting from Manaus to Novo Airão now the lancha rápida (fast boat) is no longer running: taxi lotação (shared taxi) bus and private taxi transfer.


ake Avenida Brasil in Manaus and turn off onto the road leading to the bridge (Rua Coronel Cyrillo Neves). Just before you get to the bridge you’ll find the taxi stand for Novo Airão as show in the map below  – AM-070 – it’s just before you get to the taxi stand on the left).

Cost is R$ 50,00 – R$60,00 per person, the trip takes approx 2,5 hours and the service runs (allegedly) 24 hrs a day. However there is no predefined schedule; the taxi only goes when there are 4 people. For more information call the central office in Novo Airão (92) 3365-1698.

Novo Airão
Map shows relative positions of Manaus airport (aeroporto), bus station (rodoviária) and AM-070 – approximate position of the shared taxi (taxi lotação) stand for Novo Airão on the road which leads to the bridge over the Amazon)

ÔNIBUS/ BUS (from rodoviária/bus station in Manaus):

Price: R$ 42,00, duration approx. 4 hours

MANAUS – NOVO AIRAO: Bus Company MASTER/ARUANÃ: 11:30 e 16:00; Bus Company EMTRAM: 6:00

NOVO AIRAO – MANAUS: Bus Company MASTER: 5:30 e 16:00; Bus Company EMTRAM: 13:00


The pousada can also arrange a private door-to-door taxi transfer from the hotel, bus station, or accommodation in Manaus direct to the pousada em Novo Airão. Service costs from R$ 290,00 daytime, R$ 340,00 at night, and R$390,00 in the early hours.

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Tips and Notes

  • Buses go very irregularly and take around 1.5 – 2 hours longer than the shared taxis. (My shared taxi took precisely 2 hours and 20 minutes).
  • The rodoviaria is between the airport and the center of Manaus so if you are flying in and going out straight away it may be better to go for a bus instead of making your way all the way into Manaus.
  • The shared taxi stand is marked by the sign pictured above. As you come down the road leading to the bridge you’ll see it on the LEFT hand side, not the right as you might expect. There is a return just before you get to the bridge so no problem if you go too far; just turn back!
  • Whether the shared taxi costs R$50,00 or R$60,00 depends on factors like if it’s a weekend, if there’s a demand or an election, and other things I couldn’t establish. Just pay what they ask. They’ll take you to the door of your pousada. You have to wait for the taxi lotação to fill with 4 passengers before it leaves, but there is an air-conditioned waiting room with TV available so you’re not out in the hot sun or pouring rain!
  • If you want to go earlier, you just pay for the whole taxi! It’s still cheaper than a private taxi transfer.
  • The route from Manaus to Novo Airão takes the new bridge over the river and the road continues in good condition for another half an hour. The rest is OK until you get half an hour from Novo Airão where the number and depth of potholes involve permanent swerving from side to side all over the road. They say they’re going to fix it. I can’t imagine what this is like in the rain! If you get car sick there are showboats available to and from Manaus which run overnight 3 days a week, and require taking a hammock with you. Ask the pousada for details.

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