How to get to Jericoacoara from Fortaleza, Brazil

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Jericoacoara is a beach resort 250 kms from Fortaleza. There’s an asphalt road as far as Jijoca but after that, you’ll be travelling through the national park which is all dunes and sand and only passable by motorbike, jardineira (truck with seats on the back) or 4×4.

Getting there is not easy!

How to get to Jericoacoara by car

You can hire a car in Fortaleza and drive the 4 hours to Jijoca no problem. After that you’ll have to leave the car in a long term park (R$20,00 per 24 hrs)  and take a 4×4 jeep to cross the dunes (R$150,00 each way for up to 4 people). If you’ve rented a 4×4 great, but be aware that signposting is pretty well non existent across the dunes and the route changes according to weather and water. If you don’t know the area very well indeed you should definitely not risk it alone!

How to get to Jericoacoara by taxi  4×4 transfer

This is by far the easiest way to travel. Various agencies organize transfers or you can ask your hotel/pousada to sort it out for you on arrival. The standard rate for the car is R$550,00- R$600,00 from Jeri to airport or bus station to be divided by the number of people taking it.

How to get to Jericoacoara by bus

Fretcar company has buses running from the bus station in Fortaleza to Jijoca at 7.30am and 15.00 which connect with jardineiras (army like trucks with seats on the back). The trip takes 6 hours and cost is approximately R$80,00. On the way back the timetable is similar which means you either have to organize a flight leaving around 2.30/3pm or after 10.30. Or spend a long time in the airport!


There are other buses running between Jijoca and Fortaleza during the day, but you can’t find reliable information on the Fretcar site. All you can safely say is that if you get a bus from Fortaleza to Jijoca during the day you will find drivers waiting to take you to Jericoacoara and drop you off at your pousada/hotel when you get off the bus (shared jeep R$12,00). I wouldn’t risk it at night though and you may well have to wait until they have enough people to go, unless you want to take private transport at R$150,00.

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