How to get married near the Christ statue in Rio

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Perhaps not the most popular, but most useful post. I even had to call Christ’s administration. So look, girls, it is a fat chance. Boys write down addresses in order to be known as the most original person in the region, and maybe in the country. Today I will tell you information that you absolutely will not find anywhere.

In 2019, Dj Alok and his girlfriend Romana got married at the Christ statue in Rio. At sunrise, with an orchestra, great design, and all of it in the front of the world wonder – Statues of Christ and Rio.

Casamento – Alok e Romana – Rio de Janeiro 2019

Even the most unbeliever bride will get goosebumps

But it’s clear he’s a star of the dough a lot. But, my dear reader, do not rush to fold the post and close the website. I have good news, it is worth getting married on the Chris statue:

2 700 reais ~ 500$ (in 2020)


You can choose any day and time from 8 am -6 pm, but the most popular is the sunset ceremony at 7 pm. Padre Omar will marry you with music and scenery you choose in a small chapel in the Statue of Christ with a 360 ° view of Rio. 

Padre Omar

Inside the chapel, you will be offered several types of decorations, but if you do not like them, you can choose the decorations by yourself. You can take 22 people you love with you and they will be sitting at the wedding. And up to 15 athletes or just some left-wing relatives, standing. 

That sounds good. But we are moving to the first front of the bureaucracy.

For the wedding ceremony, it is necessary to have:

  • Book your ceremony at least 60 days in advance
  • 2 witnesses
  • The passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate. If you have already registered (the process is much easier)
  • Baptismal certificate

The statue of Christ and, accordingly, Padre Omar are Catholics, which means if you are not Catholic – they will not marry you.

If your partner is Catholic then everything is much faster. The Catholic Church will allow your ceremony if one of the partners is not Catholic. But, if you are Orthodox Christians you will still be accepted in the Catholic Church and can marry you. 

How to organize a wedding?

But here is a more difficult quest. Before booking a date, you must contact the Orthodox Church in Rio.


R. Monte Alegre, 210 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20210-190

They are in trend and they have a Facebook page.

They will send a request to the Catholic Church and draw up the necessary papers.

After all this red tape. You can go to the site, fill in the fields in the questionnaire:

Book your wedding date

Christ has a WhatsApp and you can clarify not clear questions from him. Pay R $ 2700 at the bank. If necessary, hire a decorator and choose the decoration design for your wedding.

And boom, I’m pleased to declare you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride.

get married near the Christ statue in Rio

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