How can a foreigner get a CPF in Brazil online?

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CPF – Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas. This is the tax and social security number of an individual. Analogue of INN + SNILS in Russian Federation, SSN / ITIN in the USA, SIN / ITN in Canada, TFN in Australia, IRD in New Zealand, NIF / NISS in Portugal. Unfortunately, in Brazil, it is used much more widely than all the listed countries, it is formally needed for a bunch of things. The CPF database is maintained by the Receita Federal.

For a long time, it was possible to get your CPF in Brazil and at the Brazilian consulate abroad (free of charge). The migration status of an individual does not affect this. Since July 2020 this can be done online!

How to obtain a Brazilian CPF online

  1. Fill out the form (worked in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge), preferably using a computer I recommend to save all the entered data for the future by taking a screenshot. Instructions for filling out the form are below.
  2. Save the result in PDF or at least copy the result with the application number (Código de Atendimento);
  3. To do:
    1. A copy of the main page of the passport with personal data (you can take a photo so that the entire text is readable);
    2. Selfie (own photo) with the same passport. The face should be more or less clearly visible, as well as the text from the main page of the passport should be read.
    3. The PDF of the result of filling out the form with the application number made in clause 2 or the text version.
  4. Send everything from point 3 (passport scan, passport selfie and this form) to e-mail with a request in Portuguese. Preferably from the same e-mail as indicated in the application form.

Email example:


Cadastro CPF pra estrangeirо: NAME SURNAME. Cod. aten. 533501881

Sample text of the letter:

Boa tarde,

Sou estrangeiro e queria finalizar cadastro CPF pelo Atendimento por Email.

Solicitação: Inscrição de Estrangeiro no CPF

Cód. de Atendimento: 533501881


Data de Nascimento: 22/12/1985


Replace the request number, name, surname and date of birth with your own. And attach documents.

In 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, except weekends), you will receive your CPF to your email address:

CPF online Brazil

Instructions for filling out the Inscrição CPF Estrangeiro form

I recommend filling out the Portuguese version of the form, as the English version can be buggy.

  1. Nome – full name and surname as in the passport in Latin characters, The format is usually Name Surname.
  2. Nascimento – date of birth in dd / mm / yyyy format. You can write without separators (ddmmyyyy), the system will correct it.
  3. Documento is a type of document, usually Passaporte (international passport).
  4. Número – document number incl. series.
  5. Nacionalidade – is the country of citizenship by passport.
  6. Sexo – gender. Feminino – for women, masculino – for men. Others haven’t added yet.
  7. Nome da Mãe is the mother’s name. Often used in Brazilian official documents.
  8. País de Residência is the country of residence. You can specify anything here, incl. Brazil, it is not being tested. For now, I advise you to specify a foreign address outside of Brazil to exclude even a minimal likelihood of taxation as a resident of the country. But, as a rule, it does not matter before obtaining a residence permit.
  9. CEP – Código de Endereçamento Postal, ZIP Code or postal code. For foreign addresses, the form does not apply. The Brazilian postcode has 8 digits, for example, 10025-345. It’s easiest to find it in Google Maps for the address you want.
  10. Ao digitar o CEP alguns campos serão preenchidos. – when entering the postal code, some fields will be filled in automatically.
  11. Município is a municipality.
  12. UF – Unidade Federativa. Federal subject / state of Brazil.
  13. Logradouro is a street type.
  14. Next is the street.
  15. Número is the house number.
  16. Complemento – a type of building or apartment number.
  17. Bairro – district / microdistrict

Everything below can also be left blank:
E-mail – it’s obvious what it is. I recommend filling it out.
I recommend not filling in the phone number.
DDIdiscagem direta internacional. International dialing country code.
DDDdiscagem direta a distância. The internal dialing code of the Brazilian telephone regions is a two-digit number. There can be several of them per state, one per state, or even one per region located in neighboring states at the same time.
Telefone – landline phone number. It has the format (42) 1234-5678, where DDD = 42.
Celular – cell / mobile phone number. It has the format (85) 9 1234-5678, where DDD = 85, and the nine after it can be omitted (but it always exists there).

CPF Brazil online
An example of filling out a questionnaire. Click ENVIAR (send)
CPF Brazil
Click OK (confirm that the data is correct and cannot be changed).
CPF Brazil
Enter CAPTCHA and click OK.
CPF Brazil
This is a successful application result – it contains the Código de Atendimento.

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