Great Souvenirs to Bring Back From Rio de Janeiro

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After visiting Rio de Janeiro, it becomes clear that you want to live here longer. But since you can’t stay for a long time, you must definitely take a piece of Brazil with you as a souvenir. In this article I will tell you about the “bits of Brazil” that you can buy.

Useful souvenirs from Brazil

  1. Beach flip flops

The main footwear of any Brazilian is beach flip flops with a bridge between the toes. They are also called: Hawaiian slippers, rubber slippers, flip flops. Thousands of colors of these flip flops are produced in Brazil. The most popular brands in Brazil are Havaianas and Rider. There are so many different flip flops here that every tourist can find what he/she likes. In addition to the simple models of these “Hawaiian slippers” with a flat sole, there are models with orthopedic soles that will not let your foot get tired during prolonged wear. It is very suitable shoes for visiting the beach.

Where to buy flip-flops?

Shops with these flip flops can be found in almost all districts of the city, shopping centers and separate stands in souvenir shops and some sports shops, pharmacies and newsstands.

Cost: from 25 to 100 reais.


2. Hammock

In Brazil, a hammock is called a net or “rede”. Many Brazilians even have hammocks in modern apartments. And if there is a house with a plot and trees on it, then the place for the hammock is 100% provided. Hammocks in Brazil are a popular product, so you can find completely different models, sizes, colors and materials. Many hammocks are spun from natural cotton – this is a durable material that dries quickly after rain.

Where to buy a hammock?

Hammocks can be found on Sundays at the Hippy Fair in the Ipanema area. At the Copacabana evening souvenir market. Or visit the Saint Christopher’s Fair.

Cost: from 40 to 150 reais.


3. Coffee, cocoa, matte

Where can I buy?

Supermarket chains Pão de Açucar, Zona Sul. In some souvenir shops. Rubra coffee shop. Colombo confectionery.

Grain coffee cost: R $ 50 to R $ 80 / kg

4. Cachaça
Where can I buy?

Factory-made Cachaça can be purchased at the Pão de Açucar and Zona Sul supermarket chains. In some souvenir shops you can find artisanal, coffee, banana, corn Cachaça.

Cost: R $ 15 to R $ 200 per 500 ml bottle.


5. Pareo

Pareo in Brazil is called kanga. On the beaches you can find many vendors of this hot commodity, especially favored by women. There are hundreds of different colors of pareos. You can find various symbols of Brazil, tropical motifs, geometric compositions. This is a good gift for your beloved, which is useful not only for visiting the beach in the form of a bedding, but also can become a material for modeling beachwear.
Where to buy a pareo?

Canggu can be purchased from beach vendors, gift shops and fairs.

Cost: from 50 to 100 reais.

6. Brazilian brands clothing

Where to buy clothes?

Shops in Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, shopping centers.

7. Sweets, convenience foods and food additives

  1. guava jam (Goiabada)
  2. Banana Pastila (Bananinha Sem Açucar)
  3. Tapioca
  4. Dry mix for making cheese buns (Pão de Queijo em pó)
  5. Asai powder (Açaí em pó)
  6. Guarana powder (Guaraná em pó)

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