Desalma – Brazilian horror tv-show about Ukrainians

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Desalma (Soulless) – a Brazilian TV-Show, released in 2020.

The action of supernatural drama takes place in a town where the Ukrainian diaspora lives.

According to the plot, in 1988 the disappearance of a young girl shocked the population of Brigid. After that traditional evenings of Ivan Kupala were banned. In thirty years, the city is preparing to return the holiday, but something strange is happening. At this time, the widow decided to change her place of residence and together with her daughter finds herself in this strange place with a mysterious atmosphere.

In the series you can see how an old witch sings Ukrainian songs-spells, girls perform rituals, and a child in an embroidered shirt eats a red soup resembling borscht.

You will learn the stories of three families intertwined due to strange events.


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544 points