Cutting your Hair in Brazil

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Today I will show you one of the oldest barbershop salons in São Paulo. The barber shop is extremely traditional, nothing special here, just some people have been cutting other people well for 42 years.

My barber has been working here for 37 years. And best of all, he is proud of it. He doesn’t say, as happens with us, I’m working here for so many years. No. The person does his job well and is proud of it.

For such a long time, the barbers who are here in the photo have already become the owners of this barbershop and work for themselves. But this does not change anything, on the contrary, it is even more interesting: they could have hired other masters and made a profit without working, but they prefer to work.

My barbershop experience in Brazil

I cut my hair and took pictures on a weekday, when there are not many people, and on weekends, since Saturday morning, there is a line here. As a rule, all clients are regulars. Here they cut their hair “on recommendation”, friends bring them, acquaintances, etc. People come from all over the city to this small barbershop. Which does not even advertise anywhere.

Brazilian barber

I still do not know the name of my barber, although here they know by the name of all clients. When you arrive, they always ask how you doing, they haven’t seen him for a long time, is everything all right? They work here without haste, without any haste, they talk to clients as they are old friends (in many ways this is exactly the case).

barber - brazil
barbershop brazil

A haircut cost

A haircut here costs R $ 50, even mine, the simplest one. A friend has a little more difficulty haircut, but it is 50 reais anyway. With shampooing, without shampooing, the price does not change. Once here I shaved, it cost +10 reais. I think that there is no price list here, at least I have never seen it. Everything is determined by the master. Whoever doesn’t like it and think it’s expensive doesn’t come anymore, such clients are not needed here.

Here, no one will ruin your brain. They will listen and do it right. They will give you a newspaper or a magazine, if you don’t want to talk, they will be silent. People have great experience.

“Different people come here: businessmen, politicians, officials, various important persons,” the master told me “And you, of course, are among them,” – smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

I really like such business, with traditions and history. The barber, for example, said that the hairdresser remembers the times when at this place there was still nothing really, he remembers how the district developed, how high-rise buildings were erected around. He remembers how a young girl came to the next salon, and now her sons are 24 years old – healthy guys, under 2 meters tall. The hairdressing salon itself did not change at all. Some of the modern equipment got here, of course, electric chairs, for example, but the spirit remains the same.

barbershop sao paulo
barbershop brazil

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