• favela Rio

    Living in a favela – Brazil

    The telegram channels of Rio de Janeiro publish daily reports of shootings in the favelas, the famous Brazilian slums where two million people live. How...5 min

  • barbershop

    Cutting your Hair in Brazil

    Today I will show you one of the oldest barbershop salons in São Paulo. The barber shop is extremely traditional, nothing special here, just some...3 min

  • Are Brazilian Women Easy?

    Living with a Brazilian woman

    Hello everybody! I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for 1.5 years. Before, I knew little about this country, except that they adore football...1 min

  • teaching english brazil

    Teaching English & TEFL in Brazil

    Teaching English can be a great experience and very rewarding in the non-monetary sense. A lot of people teach English as a means of traveling...4 min

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Insider tips to adapting to Rio de Janeiro

    This month is my 1-year “anniversary” with Rio de Janeiro, a relationship filled with ups and downs; crying and laughter; fights and make-ups, just like...3 min