• learning portuguese

    Study Portuguese in Brazil

    The best way to learn Portuguese is to go to Brazil and be immersed in it. There are two ways of doing this. An internet...4 min

  • favela Rio

    Living in a favela – Brazil

    The telegram channels of Rio de Janeiro publish daily reports of shootings in the favelas, the famous Brazilian slums where two million people live. How...5 min

  • favela Rio

    The story about Jonathan

    Once I was getting ready for a weekend in Sao Paulo, all day I was doing some pre-trip business, and when there was only a...5 min

  • barbershop

    Cutting your Hair in Brazil

    Today I will show you one of the oldest barbershop salons in São Paulo. The barber shop is extremely traditional, nothing special here, just some...3 min

  • favela Rio

    Strict rules in Rio’s favelas

    So there are strict rules in Rio’s favelas. This rules are not only for the ordinary inhabitants but also for the bandits.That is, in the...1 min

  • Are Brazilian Women Easy?

    Living with a Brazilian woman

    Hello everybody! I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for 1.5 years. Before, I knew little about this country, except that they adore football...1 min

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Insider tips to adapting to Rio de Janeiro

    This month is my 1-year “anniversary” with Rio de Janeiro, a relationship filled with ups and downs; crying and laughter; fights and make-ups, just like...3 min

  • robery case

    My Robbery case #1 in Brazil

    When I moved to Brazil, I already knew that RJ is the most dangerous city in Brazil. Here, everyone told me that lately it has...4 min