Brazilian recipes

Brazil is a country with a great culture, customs, and traditions, which are displayed on the fantastic attractions that keep the celebrations of festivals including the Carnival but also has one of its most features, which is the preparation of delicious meals, including desserts and drinks. The recipes of Brazil (Spanish: Recetas de Brasil) we have a range of plates which are the delight of themselves and strangers.

Here is one of the most popular dishes and best known of Brazilian food, which is the Feijoada, considered as a national dish, their main ingredient is beans that can be black, white or red having like supplement the meat of pork, sometimes accompanied by rice. This dish has its origins in the homes of black slaves and now it has national and international consumption.

Now, for accompaniment any meal, the main drink, a symbol of Brazil is the world-famous Caipirinha, in whose preparation, takes the main role of the cachaça (liquor native of this country, and the outcome of distilled cane sugar), complemented with the lime, sugar, and ice. Note the secret to enjoying this drink is to drink for a straw from the bottom of the container which sits the lime juice and sugar are gradually mixed with cachaça.

Another culinary inspiration from Brazil is his well-known Quindim, which is a traditional dessert in northeast Brazil and in whose preparation is used egg yolks and coconut. Although it has a high content of cholesterol, its nutritional value is very high and even causes delight to the most discerning palate.

Brazil is one of the largest producers of black beans. This food high in fiber helps maintain bowel health, Lowers cholesterol levels, and Aids in achieving a healthy weight.