Brazilian Visa Extensions

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Brazil is a large country and a 90-day visa is not enough time to see everything. Even 180 days still leaves you short. Visa extensions are issued by the Polícia Federal for a maximum of 90 days. The process of getting the extension is relatively straight forward. On the back of your entry card are all the details you need.

How to extend your tourist visa?

Go to a papelaria (paper shop) and buy a DARF form. Approximately R$0.10.

Take this to a branch of Banco do Brasil and pay the visa extension fee. Approximately $R23.00.

Take the form to a Polícia Federal office and present it with your passport, tourist card or visa, proof of passage out of Brazil and proof of sufficient funds (a credit card is usually sufficient for this). You’ll need photocopies of everything too.

Finally get the stamp.

Seems so simple right? Although the back of your entry card states that you need to purchase a DARF form personal experience has shown that a GAR/Funapol triplicate form is used instead. You might want to print this out to show them what you want. I really hope that I’m wrong here and they now have the correct instructions on the sheet.

Here’s an extract of an email I received from Davey Kim who went through the process in Dec in São Paulo. Thank you Davey for the feedback and note the price seems to have gone up.

Detail instruction – extending your Brazilian visa

I tried to pay the fee using either the DARF or GARFUNAPOL form, but there wasn’t any information on the site as to how to fill out that form and designate what your paying for. So I went to Banco do Brasil, and they didn’t know what to tell me. INSTEAD, I prepared all the documents, went to the Federal Police. They told me I had to first print out a ticket found on their website, and THEN pay it at the Bank of Brasil. I thought to myself, oh crap, I gotta pay for another round of taxi trips, but fortunately, in front of the São Paulo Federal Police, across the street, they have a copy and print shop that can make all your necessary copies, and they can also print out your payment ticket (you need to give them an SP address of where your staying though). The federal police has a Banco do Brasil inside it, so it was easy to pay for it afterward. So I paid (R$ 67.00) went upstairs one floor, submitted all the papers, filled out a form, and they gave it to me in due time.

Brazil visa extention form

NB: It may be more difficult to organise an extension in small cities than in places like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Salvador.

Given that Rio de Janeiro is the number one tourist destination in Brazil it’s probably going to be easiest here. If possible go to the Banco do Brasil office closest to the Polícia Federal office. Suburban branch staff may never have had a foreigner asking for a visa extension and may not know the price or procedure. If your Portuguese is poor they may not even know what you are asking for. I have experienced both of the last two points illustrated.

Polícia Federal Locations

Rio de Janeiro


Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 1

3º andar – Centro

CEP 20081-250

(21) 3213-1400 (PABX)

There’s also offices at the airport and in the Via Parque shopping mall at Barra da Tijuca.

Sao Paulo

Rua Hugo D’Antola, 95

Lapa de Baixo

São Paulo – SP

CEP 05038-090

(0xx-11) 3616-5000

In Sao Paulo city all visa extensions are now conducted at the main office of the Polícia Federal. Take the metro to Barra Funda and then it is only a short taxi ($R10-15) to the Polícia Federal. A lot of people travel here everyday so taking a mini bus is also an option. The big grey building is quite conspicuous so you shouldn’t miss it. The process should only take an hour or so.

Salvador da Bahia

The Federal Police now have an office at the Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport in Salvador and no longer process tourist visa extentions at the address below (thanks Steven).

Avenida Oscar Pontes, 339

Salvador – BA

CEP 40460-130

(0xx-71) 3319-6000

If you are elsewhere in the country and need to find a federal police station try the Polícia Federal website. At the top right of the page, select Unidades do DPF. Here you will find each state and region listed. Make a selection to find the nearest station to you.Just as a side point if you click on Estatísticas (statistics) from the main page and follow the link Relativa a drogas apreendidas, you can keep track of exactly how much Cocaína (cocaine), maconha (marijuana) and LSD they’ve managed to seize. Curiously there is no corresponding table showing how much they have sold but hey, what cop wants to be tied down in paperwork?

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