Brazilian favela trend

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How is a Brazilian usually represented? Athletic with dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. Yes, it is, but everything changes when summer comes. Tanned Blondes Fill Brazil! Along the Copacabana promenade, at the Maracanã stadium, in the nearby supermarket, all the guys are blondes.

Brazilians dye their hair white every summer. If in October-December it is not so noticeable, then by February it is already a bomb! Absolutely all the guys walk with the head of a caustic blonde.

Tired of the monotonous life of brunettes to impress girls, Brazilian guys dye white in the summer. Like burned out in the sun, naturally. Moreover, during the rest of the year, you can hardly notice blondes on the streets.


What is the reason for this trend?

Blonde personifies courage, a symbol of freedom and is liked by women.

The second reason is the price.

You can be a fashionista for just a couple of dollars.

You could buy paint on Copacabana Beach in Rio, paint right there and go flush into the ocean.

In 2019, the famous Rio Flamengo team promised their fans that if they win the Libertadoris Cup match (the top one, they have not won for 40 years) and the Brazilian championship, the whole team will dye hair white. AND? Of course they won. 20% of the Brazilian population are Flamengo fans (40 million people) In support of their team and in order to show their involvement in the victory of the team, everyone dyed white.


For 13 years now! Brazilians dye their hair blonde in summer. It all came from the musician Belo (samba, pagoda), who dyed his hair white.

In 2020, this fashion has already received a name

“o loiro surfista” (Surfer blond), the color of the surfer’s burnt hair.

In 2020, they carried out a total blonding of the cariocas. Arranged free painting for everyone at the MAR Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio. Painted 100 people a day.


A dangerous, fashionable trend.

But not everyone likes this color. Usually, these guys are often stopped by the cops and no one wants to hire them. Mothers forbid their sons to dye their hair and say that only vagrants and assholes dye their hair white.

Most of the guys who are in the white hair trend are living in favelas and a lot of them are involved in drug trafficking, so this style can also be associated with bands and dangerous types.

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514 points