Are The Girls And Women Like In Rio de Janeiro?

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So you wanna know what are the girls and women like in Rio de Janeiro? I’m assuming many of you have already heard the rumors regarding the beauty and booty of Brazilian women. To tell you the truth most of what you heard is probably true and not exaggerated.  If I had to pick one word to describe the city of Rio de Janeiro it would be “PARADISE.”  The women here are some of the most beautiful and bootyful women you will ever see in your life.  Close your eyes and picture a city full of the hottest Latin and Black women you could dream of and that is Rio.  The Brazilian women here in Rio come in all shades and colors too, from blonde barbie dolls to deep dark chocolate you will find it here.

One of the best things you will find out about Brazilian women is that they are very fun, flirtatious, friendly, and passionate.  I think Rio ranks #1.  Now let’s be clear of course I’m generalizing, and not all women here are dime supermodels that look good in bikinis, but the majority of women you will come across in Rio will blow away most females anywhere else in the world.  Even the average girls here in Rio are pretty damn attractive.

I used to play this silly challenge every time I would leave out of my apartment in Rio to go somewhere. I had an apartment located on a busy avenue called Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.  So the challenge was to see if I could actually make it one block from my apartment, without seeing an attractive Brazilian girl.  Well I was never able to win that challenge and I’m not even exaggerating.  I literally could not make it one block without seeing at least a couple of pretty Brazilian girls.  It didn’t really matter the time of day either.  Anytime I left the apartment I would play the challenge and every time I lost.  What made this more crazy is that I later had another apartment in a completely different area of Copacabana on a different street and I still got the same results. I know some of you are saying this guy is full of shit LOL, but I kid you not this is how Rio de Janeiro really is. You have to see it to believe it. On a good busy day, you can stroll Copacabana or Ipanema beach or any one of the main avenues and break your neck at least 50-100 times looking at beautiful women.

The ratio of men to women in Rio

One of the things I love most about Rio de Janeiro is the ratio of men to women.  I have no idea what the exact percentage is, but it seems like there are way more women than there are men here in Rio. By the way, if you are visiting and looking to meet or date sexy Brazilian women see Vlad’s Tips on Meeting Women in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian women in Rio in general are very warm, fun, and friendly.  Many of them enjoy the simple things in life like the beach, friends, and a good party.  Of course there are superficial gold-diggers here but the average Brazilian girl seems to be more concerned about whether you are a good person that can make her laugh rather than what kind of car you drive.

Just FYI Brazilian women are very touchy feely.  Now it doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to hook up if they hug you and do a lot of touching, it’s just part of their culture. Another great thing about Brazilian women is that if they like you, many are not afraid to flirt and make the first move.

Finally Brazilian women seem to be in a constant state of sexy and it doesn’t matter if you catch them on the beach or at the grocery store or at the gym.  They always look to be on point and have this 24/7 state of sexy from their style of dress to their swagga.  Maybe it’s just all in my mind, but the feeling I get is that Brazilian women don’t think of being looked at as a sexual objects as a negative thing, they seem to embrace it unlike their North American counterparts who were strongly affected by the American feminist movements.

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