An unusual way to celebrate a birthday in Brazil

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Brazilians are sociable and cheerful, they do not complicate their life. A clear proof is their attitude towards their birthday as another occasion to meet with friends and have a good time.

In a bar or restaurant

Brazilians often celebrate their birthdays in a bar and restaurant. But if in Eastern Europe for such a celebration the financial responsibility rests on the shoulders of the birthday man, then in Brazil it is customary that guests pay for themselves.

At the same time, a restaurant or a bar usually makes a significant discount to the hero of the occasion itself as a congratulation and gratitude for bringing a large company to them. Another unusual moment for me was that in this case, gifts are not given.

Picnic in nature

Often a birthday is celebrated in nature. For such purposes, they choose a park, a beach, or a meadow by the lake. In this case, the birthday person brings with him festive decorations and light snacks.

Guests also do not come empty-handed: someone brings treats, someone – drinks – and a common table is set. Nobody gives gifts.

In general, for this nation, a birthday is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, share this day with them and exchange positive emotions. Therefore, no one is waiting for gifts.

Hall of celebrations

Hall of celebrations

When someone wants to celebrate a birthday on a grand scale, there are celebration rooms that can be rented.

In this case, the hero of the occasion takes all the trouble of decorating the hall, ordering food, and organizing entertainment.

The invitees come with gifts, which are usually very symbolic and inexpensive.

And about gifts

I noticed that for Brazilians, the main thing is communication and attention, not material values. Therefore, it seems illogical to them our tradition of necessarily giving gifts, because for them spending a day with friends is already worth a lot.

Relatives or very close friends can give a gift, and it can turn out to be a baseball cap with the name of a favorite football player or chocolate, which they love very much here, that is, something not expensive, but pleasant for the hero of the occasion.

And when I said that now it has become fashionable to congratulate the birthday man with an envelope with money, especially when he or she had to spend money on a restaurant, my South American friends thought it was not only strange but also offensive.

In their opinion, if you do not have the finances to celebrate a day with your loved ones, then you simply do not celebrate.

What do you think, is it necessary to give birthday gifts or, most importantly, have fun with friends?

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