A Brazilian friend admitted that she dreams of a Slavic husband

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I have some Brazilian friends. And once I got into a conversation with a friend, and she admitted that they hold Slavic guys in high esteem. I was somewhat surprised by this discovery. South American men just want to be called “macho”, but local girls dream of marrying a Slavic.


In Brazil, the attitude towards life is lighter. No one is in a hurry, they realize the value of their life and prefer to live it as brightly as possible.

Brazilians are somewhat frivolous, relaxed and not very purposeful.

Against their background, the Slavic people seem more serious, hardy, which is very much to the liking of the Brazilian women. I never thought about it, but now I understand that Slavic people have a much greater sense of responsibility.

Respect for a woman

Emancipation in this country has advanced much further than in post-Soviet countries. This also affected the relationship between the sexes. Brazilian women love the respect with which Slavic husbands treat their partners.

This also manifests itself in everyday life. Indeed, in our families, the head of the family can take on part of the housework or help his wife with the dishes after the guests leave.

Brutal Brazilian macho has a temperament too hot to vacuum, they are better at demonstrating their hot feelings for their spouse.

Brazilian women dream of showing respect, care, and proof of their value in the lives of their partners. They are very jealous of Slavic women who receive it from their husbands.

Here I agree with my friend. Brazilians are too temperamental for such deep feelings

Bright skin

Light blue-eyed Slavics are exotic for Brazil. Here I will move a little away from the topic – there are fair-haired blue-eyed people here, but they are all concentrated in the south of the country, and my friend is from the north, that is, she hardly sees such people!

Here I got a little stuck. We used to think of South American men as handsome, flamboyant, and seductive.

For local women, this is not a virtue, because they have a lot of such goodness.

Girls dream of marrying a fair-skinned guy, considering this type not only attractive but an ideal option for the kids’ birth.

Representatives of the stronger sex do not share this opinion. They like girls of Slavic appearance, but they love “their own” more.


Brazilian women like that a stern Slavic man knows how to fix a faucet, nail a nail, and build a banya.

They consider Slavic men to be resourceful, strong and with golden hands.

Here I agree with her. Brazilians do not burden themselves with such responsibilities and believe that there are specially trained people for this.

I note that the article was written from the words of my Brazilian friend and some of it may not coincide with my opinion! If you also disagree with something, I’m waiting for you in the comments!

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