7 things you shouldn’t do in Brazil!

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Brazil is a beautiful country, with beautiful people, breathtaking scenery, vibrant nightlife, and very diverse culture. Many tourists fall in love with Brazil from the very first second. However, it is very important to learn about some of the local customs.

Here are 7 things you shouldn’t do in Brazil.

1. Не бойтесь раздеваться на пляже.

Brazilians are famous for their beach culture. They don’t hesitate to strip almost naked when they are by the ocean, and you shouldn’t be afraid of that either. Sure, tiny bikinis and short shorts are very popular, but not everyone has the figure of Brazilian soap opera actors. A huge number of people of different shapes and sizes come to the beach to undress, so if you also have a couple of extra pounds, do not worry about it.

2. Don’t speak Spanish!

Many travelers come to Brazil expecting to hear Spanish. But unlike its South American neighbors, Brazil’s language is not Spanish. Brazilians speak Portuguese and sometimes English. So don’t be ignorant and don’t try to speak broken Spanish to the locals, as many narrow-minded tourists do.

3. Don’t show your money!

Brazil may not be the most criminal country, but there are many impoverished areas, even in tourist cities. So, do not be conspicuous with money or unnecessary jewelry. Don’t wear your most expensive watch or use your new camera, or it will quickly get pocketed. Just be vigilant when walking through busy areas.

4. Don’t drink alone!

In Brazil, it is normal practice to drink beer in company, and sometimes even strangers may appear with their glasses. This is because Brazilians are very fond of drinking “insanely cold” beer, and some bars do not even sell beer less than 700ml. So if you order a beer from a Brazilian bar, be prepared to share, as drinking alone will seem strange and selfish to a local.

5. Be patient!

In Brazil, everything moves at its own pace, and you need to understand this before traveling to this beautiful South American country. Here people are used to standing in long queues everywhere – both at ATMs and at the checkouts of supermarkets. Also: you need to remember one ironic Brazilian phrase: “I’ll be there soon.” When a Brazilian says so, he may not even leave the house yet, but means that someday he will arrive. So relax and wait.

6. Don’t show the OK sign!

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In many countries, a ring formed from the thumb and forefinger of the hand means “OK”. But not in Brazil. Here, this finger combination is a very offensive gesture. Better to refrain from using it. But if you really want to, you can just show your thumb up. This is not prohibited.

7. Don’t expect only beautiful views.

Yes, of course, Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But it’s not perfect. The country is still developing and don’t be surprised if you encounter extreme poverty, favelas, drug districts, and rude people, especially if you move away from the usual tourist routes. And do not even try to walk alone in the favelas (slums), as they are controlled by drug lords, and this can be very dangerous.

Brazil is a diverse country with its own beauty and strangeness. You should always respect and try to follow the foundations and traditions of the people you visit.

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