6 Reasons Why Moving to Brazil is a Great Idea

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Delicious food, get a high-paying job, not wrap yourself in a down jacket in winter, and other pleasant buns of moving to Brazil are in my article!

Delicious and understandable cuisine

Arriving at a supermarket in Brazil, you will not look around in horror and look for normal meat, cheese that is not worth half a kingdom, and savory sausage. The food here is very tasty, not exotic for us (not counting fruits, but this is even a plus).

As for restaurants / cafes, the most popular dish here is rice with beans, potatoes and meat. On weekends, people often get together and make barbecue and grilled vegetables. For breakfast, they eat sandwiches with normal tasty bread or cereals. In general, everything is as we love!

There is no harsh winter

The temperature below zero Celsius in Brazil practically does not drop, except in the coldest regions at night. Therefore, you will not see snow here either. Summers are very hot, autumn and spring are pleasantly hot, and winters are cool. In the northern regions it is very comfortable in winter, in the southern regions there is little pleasant, since there is no central heating, but you can live!

By the way, when moving, keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are counted differently from ours. Summer is in December, and winter is in June!

No language problems

I will also describe this point from the point of view of an expat who has lived in China for a long time. Knowledge of the local language is very important. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese (yes, not Brazilian, there is no Brazilian language). And it learns easily and pleasantly. In a year, you can completely master the level necessary for a comfortable existence.

There is no judgment

Brazil is a country of tolerant people. There is no discrimination in skin color, eye shape and even love preferences. By the way, regarding the latter – if you are a gay person, then Brazil is just heaven for you. Here you can go without hiding by the handle with your soul mate and no one will say an extra word to you!

Many career opportunities

If you have a good education and work experience, then finding a job will not be a big problem. IT workers and doctors of all directions are especially appreciated.

But this applies to any country – if you have experience and education, you can always get a job.

Possibility of obtaining citizenship

Obtaining a Brazilian passport or residence permit is not that difficult compared to other countries. The easiest way will be to give birth to a child on the territory of the country (the child automatically becomes a citizen of Brazil, and then the parents can get a passport) or to marry (marry) a Brazilian. But there are other options that do not imply a relationship with the Brazilians šŸ™‚

Would you like to move to Brazil? What’s stopping you?

Thank you for reading the article to the end! I look forward to seeing you again!

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