5 Things You Should Never Do in Brazil, Ever

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Every country in the world has distinctive features that many tourists may attribute to oddities. Therefore, before you go to sultry and temperamental Brazil, it is important to know what not to do.

Here are the top 5 Things You Should Never Do in Brazil

  1. Hope for a taxi driver. Do you think that a taxi will take you to your destination with complete comfort? You are greatly mistaken! If you do not know the way to a certain point, then the driver will choose the longest, and therefore the most expensive. He may even refuse to go at all because he does not want to. Yes, and do not hope that all your requests to make the music quieter or not drive too much, the taxi driver will somehow hear. The way out of this situation is to take UBER.
  2. Use a toothpick at the table. For Brazilians, teeth are a real fetish. However, brushing your teeth with a toothpick right at the table is not acceptable. There are restrooms for this purpose. By the way, the Brazilians use a variety of tools for tooth cleaning. They even take a toothbrush to the office to brush their teeth in the afternoon.
  3. Say no only once. It is not customary in the country to give immediate consent to the proposal. Therefore, be prepared to answer “no” several times. And vice versa, ask the interlocutor at least 3 times the same question to get the final answer.
  4. Don’t be angry about being late. Punctuality among Brazilians depends on a particular city or region. However, it is worth noting that they are not looking at this too much, so be prepared for this. For example, in Rio de Janeiro it is customary to be late for dinner by at least 30 minutes, and for a visit by 60. Not sure what time you need to arrive? Check with the person waiting for you what time you should actually show up.
  5. Sunbathing topless. The Brazilian temperament, coupled with the strict morals of the church, creates a lot of controversies. So, while on the beach, you can see tourists both in one-piece bathing suits and in light bikinis. But appearing in nude is strictly prohibited. This view will offend Brazilians, and the police will perceive it as “indecent behavior” that violates the rules of the law.

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