10 wonderful surprises about Barra Grande, Piaui

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1. Barra Grande is still a beautifully unspoiled fishing village with a range of pousadas at different price levels and sophistication- from basic to luxury.

2. It’s one of the best places for kitesurfing in Brazil, particularly between July and January

3. Despite not appearing on most maps (including Google Maps) it’s not difficult to get to Barra Grande. Just get yourself to Parnaiba and arrange an onward car transfer in advance with your Barra Grande pousada.

4. All the roads are still sandy tracks except the main drag which is cobbled

5 . There’s no traffic to speak of- just the odd car or motorbike

Barra Grande

6.  Donkeys rule the streets and main transport, if not walking, is by horse and cart

7.  There are no boutique shops or nightlife apart from a few restaurants

8. Restaurants I ate at were surprisingly good e.g. Manga Rosa

9. Your mobile is unlikely to work but wi-fi works nearly everywhere even in the beachbars

10. Apart from the small stretch of beach where the kiters hang out there are miles of the deserted beach.

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541 points