10 surprising facts about Ilha de Marajó, Pará

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Marajó is an island located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil, in the state of Pará. It’s a 3 and a half-hour boat ride from Belém, has a population of around 250,000, and is the largest fluvial island in the world. Here’s how to get to Ilha de Marajó. And here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about this marvelous place.

1. Ilha de Marajó is a place seemingly lost in time, where you can still find people making traditional marajoaran pottery.

2. Water buffalo reign here and well outnumber the human population.

3. Buffaloes are used for everything from food to police transport and buffalo steak is both tender and tasty.

4. Birds abound and there are huge flocks of bright pink guará birds.

5. There are also huge boulevards in the main town of Soure with no traffic lights and indeed no traffic to speak of!

Ilha de Marajó

6. The beaches which emerge in the dry season like Pesqueiro and Barra Velha have white fluffy sand and are washed by a mixture of fresh and salt water.

7. The temperature on the equator is not necessarily hotter than in Rio de Janeiro several thousand miles to the south.

8. There are very few if any mosquitoes in dry season. Best to come June to November.

9. There is no public transport; most people use bicycles, mototaxis, taxis or vans. Or of course, they walk.

10. Prices are much lower than in the rest of Brazil. You can get a double room in a good basic pousada for R$140,00 / US$35 (O Canto do Frances) and an upmarket one for R$390 or less than US$100 (Casarao de Amazonia).

Ilha de Marajó, Pará

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