10 minutes pudding recipe from my Brazilian friend (detailed photo recipe)

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An easy-to-make pudding with products available to everyone! My Brazilian friend shared a recipe, especially for my readers 🙂 The active part of cooking will only take 10 minutes!

Brazil is a country of desserts. No dinner is complete without a sweet treat. Every time I visit my friend, she prepares a lot of goodies. My favorite dish is pudding. And today we will prepare it together!

Pudding Ingredients

  1. Condensed milk – 800 gr (1,76 pounds or 28.2 Oz)
  2. Milk – 2 empty condensed milk cans;
  3. 4 eggs;
  4. Sugar (for caramel).
Brazilian pudding ingridients

Cooking process

  1. Beat eggs, milk and condensed milk. You do not need to beat for a long time, the main thing is just to mix evenly.
pudding recipe
  1. Now let’s prepare the caramel.

You can go the easy way and buy ready-made caramel sauce from the supermarket and pour it into a baking dish.
But we will go the more complicated way (and cheaper). Pour sugar into the mold. Here everything is optional, if you like more caramel, put a lot; if you do not like caramel, you can do without it. But I advise you to add it, so the dessert will look more elegant!
We send the form to the stove and melt the sugar until it becomes caramel. My friend says some people add water to sugar to melt it faster, but she doesn’t like it.

3.Smear the caramel along the walls of the mold and pour out the egg-milk mixture.


4. Now is the crucial moment! We don’t just put the mold in the oven, it should stand in a water bath. Therefore, we put the form with pudding in another form or on a baking sheet. Pour boiling water there and send the entire structure into an oven preheated to 180 degrees. Average baking time – 1.5 hours (depending on the oven).


5. After the pudding is ready, it must be completely cooled. Do not remove the dessert from the mold, if it has not cooled down – it will lose its shape/break!

Therefore, I advise you to cook dessert in the evening so that the pudding cools down overnight.

brazilian pudding

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