10 expressions with the word Deus

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There are many expressions in Portuguese with the word Deus (God). This does not speak of the true faith of the Brazilians, it is just that they often use such fixed expressions.

  1. Meu Deus (literally: “My God”)
    An analogue of our “my God”. Used as an exclamation point.
    Meu Deus! Como é que isso podia ter acontecido?
    Oh my God! How could this happen?
  2. Santo Deus (literally: “Holy God”)
    Also used as an exclamation, a synonym for Meu Deus.
    Santo Deus! Não acredito!
    Oh my God! I do not believe!
  3. Graças a Deus (literally: “Thanks to God”)
    Analogue of Russian phrases “Glory to God” and “Glory to you, Lord”.
    Graças a Deus que você conseguiu esse emprego!
    Thank God you got this job!
  4. Vai com Deus (literally: “Walk with God”)
    They say at parting to the outgoing, wishing someone a happy journey or an angel on the road.
    Boa viagem! Vai com Deus.
    Bon Voyage! Have a good trip.
  5. Fica com Deus (literally: “Stay with God”)
    They say at parting to those who remain, wishing to stay happily.
    Até amanhã, fica com Deus.
    Until tomorrow, happily stay.
  6. Pelo amor de Deus (literally: “For the love of God”)
    An analogue of the expression “For God’s sake”. Used to strengthen requests.
    Pelo amor de Deus, não comece com essas conversas!
    For God’s sake, don’t start these conversations!
  7. Deus me livre (literally: “God will set me free”)
    Portuguese version of the phrase “God forbid”, “God forbid.”
    Deus me livre de pegar uma doença dessas!
    God forbid to catch such a disease!
  8. Se Deus quiser (literally: “If God wants to”)
    Used in the same cases when we say “God willing.” Allows you to express hope for a favorable outcome of the case.
    Se Deus quiser eu vou ganhar.
    God willing, I will win.
  9. Só Deus sabe (literally: “Only God knows”)
    In the Russian language there is an identical phrase: “God alone knows”, “God knows him.”
    Só Deus sabe onde ele está agora.
    God knows where he is now.
  10. Deus te ajude (literally: “God will help you”)
    Analogue of the Russian “God help”.
    Deus te ajude a passar no exame!
    God help me, good luck on the exam!

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